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Creating A Safe and Healthy Workplace

NAC is safety-conscious and alert to potential dangers. Since keeping our people safe is our top priority, the Company has ensured that everyone has the proper knowledge and training, provided with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and supported by policies, standards, and processes.

The Company implements a comprehensive safety program designed to minimize risks in the work environment, and ensure compliance with occupational health and safety standards:

  • Use of protective equipment and safety devices
  • Provision of first aid and emergency equipment
  • Regular safety inspections
  • Regular safety briefings and emergency preparedness training and drills
  • Safety orientation for new employees
  • Comprehensive investigation of incidents and near misses to understand root causes and to implement corrective measures
  • Monitoring of lost time injuries, medically treated injuries, minor injuries, and non-injury incidents

In 2019, there were four (4) work-related fatalities. This caused the organization to take a serious review and a thorough evaluation of its processes to address the weaknesses revealed by the investigations of these incidents. A general safety stand-down of mining operations was implemented during the investigations, until all the hazards were corrected and recommendations were complied with.

NAC also established a team to audit its night shift operations to ensure that all necessary controls are in place. These include installation of additional tower lights for night shift operations, stricter evaluation of hauling contractors and revision of necessary procedures in dumping and spotting in stockpile areas to include the use of baton, whistle and lamps to ensure that personnel are visible during these activities at night.

To prevent such incidents in the future, the Central Safety and Health Committee (CSHC) of all mine sites have stepped up their drive to ensure the consistent execution of the safety programs at all times and in every situation.

The CSHC is composed of the Resident Mine Manager, at least one safety engineer, and representatives across Divisions, Groups, Departments, and Sections, as well as from the union and the contractors. The CSHC implements standard processes and constantly monitors issues and employee concerns relating to health and safety. Safety Officers conduct regular inspections to ensure compliance to the Company’s safety rules and regulations.

The Company invests in proper safety equipment for employees and visitors alike. Standard personal protection equipment (PPE) include skull guards, eye goggles/spectacles, dust/chemical respirators/ masks, earmuffs, hand gloves, high visibility vests, rain boots, raincoats, and safety shoes.

Seeking to ensure that employees have a voice in these Health and Safety Committees, employees are proactively sought for inputs and suggestions. In these Committees, RTN has 45 employee representatives while TMC has 55, HMC has 28, and CMC has 35.