Health and Safety

Employee Wellness

We are committed to developing the full potential of our employees. We respect and value each of our employees and observe the fundamental tenets of human rights, occupational safety and non-discrimination in the workplace.

We fairly compensate our employees for their contributions, provide meaningful performance feedback for growth and offer professional development and training opportunities.

We encourage accountability and employee involvement in issues affecting the workplace to help improve safety and work conditions, as well as operational efficiency.

As global best practices continue to evolve in this area of employee engagement, we also continue to learn and evolve as an enterprise committed to its people

Safe Workplace

At NAC, an employee welfare imperative is a safe and healthy work environment at all times. Each of our mine sites has a Central Safety and Health Committee (CSHC), with oversight and responsibility for occupational health and safety programs. The CSHC is composed of the Resident Mine Manager, at least one safety engineer, and representatives across Divisions, Groups, Departments, and Sections as well as Union and Contractors representatives. Monitoring of issues and employee concerns relating to health and safety are conducted regularly. Inspections by Safety Officers at all our mine sites are regularly done to ensure employee compliance with the company safety rules and regulations.

Proper mining and safety equipment are provided at all times to employees and visitors. Standard Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) include a skull guard, eye goggles/ spectacles, dust/chemical respirator/mask, ear muff, hand gloves, high visibility vest, rainboots, raincoat, and safety shoes.

Representation of employees per mine site in their respective Health and Safety Committees is constant though the actual number of representatives varies per mine site. In RTN, there are 45 employee committee representatives corresponding to 7% of the total number of regular employees. In the other mine sites, the number of employee representatives is 56 in TMC, 19 in HMC and 27 in CMC. These numbers correspond to 10%, 11% and 14% of per site percentage of total regular employees, respectively