We strive to contribute to sustainable national development by adopting our ESG Roadmap in order to achieve the highest standards in the responsible utilization of our country’s natural resources.

Mission Statement

We exist to responsibly and sustainably develop our country’s natural resources to meet society’s needs, contributing to a brighter future for our people, our communities, and our other stakeholders, always conscious of being stewards of the environment where we operate.

Core Values

R Responsibility
  • Maintains effective relationship with all stakeholders and supports all initiatives of the company to improve quality of life.
  • Treats every employee with dignity and respect, complies with laws and carries out job functions in an ethical manner.
L Leadership
  • Demonstrate practical skill encompassing the ability required at work as an employee of the organization.
  • Has the ability to "lead" or guide co-employees, teams, or the entire organization.
F Financial Growth
  • Always on the lookout for chances and opportunities to decrease costs and increase/maximize profits to achieve the company's financial objective.
I Integrity
  • Consistency of behavior with high standards of performance and work ethic.
  • Adheres to the norms and standards of the company and society.
R Respect
  • Gives due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others.
  • Conveys a sense of admiration for good or valuable qualities; and exhibits care, concern, or consideration for other's needs or feelings.
S Safety
  • Able to abide by the safety rules and regulations of the company.
  • Keep in mind the controls of recognized hazards to achieve an acceptable level of risk at work.
T Teamwork
  • Able to work harmoniously and cooperatively with others; willing to offer assistance.
  • Establishes and maintains effective work relationships both within and across sections/departments with business partners and subsidiaries to achieve a common goal.