On the Company

What is Nickel Asia Corporation?

Nickel Asia Corporation (NAC) is a natural resources development company with interests in mining and renewable energy. It also has equity in the country’s only two high-pressure acid leaching (HPAL) plants.

What is NAC’s purpose?

Always mindful of our social license to operate, we take to heart the privilege to utilize the country’s resources for the greater good, to be of service, and to preserve the nation’s patrimony for the benefit of our communities and our country.

What is NAC’s mission?

We exist to responsibly and sustainably develop our country’s natural resources to meet society’s needs, contributing to a brighter future for our people, our communities, and our other stakeholders, always conscious of being stewards of the environment where we operate.

When did NAC go public and what is its trading symbol?

NAC’s common shares were listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange on Nov. 22, 2010, with a trading symbol of NIKL.

What are NAC’s subsidiaries?

Biliran Holdings Inc.
Cagdianao Mining Corporation
CDTN Services Company Inc.
Coral Pearl Developments Limited
Cordillera Exploration Co., Inc.
Dinapigue Mining Corporation
Emerging Power Inc.
Falck Exp Inc.*
Greenlight Renewables Holdings Inc.
Hinatuan Mining Corporation
Jobin-SQM Inc.
La Costa Shipping and Lighterage Corporation
Mindoro Geothermal Power Corporation
Newminco Pacific Mining Corporation
Northern Palawan Power Generation Corporation
Rio Tuba Nickel Mine Corporation
Samar Nickel Mining Resources Corporation
Taganito Mining Corporation

*under liquidation

When does the company hold its regular Annual Stockholders’ Meeting?

NAC holds its Annual Stockholders’ Meeting every first Friday of June.

Who is NAC’s independent auditor?

Sycip Gorres Velayo & Co.

On Dividend Payments

What is NAC’s dividend policy?

Our dividend policy entitles shareholders to receive annual cash dividends of up to 30% of the prior year's recurring attributable net income based on the recommendation of our Board of Directors. Such recommendation will take into consideration factors such as dividend income from subsidiaries, debt service requirements, the implementation of business plans, operating expenses, budgets, funding for new investments and acquisitions, appropriate reserves and working capital, among others.

Although the cash dividend policy may be changed by our Board of Directors at any time, our current intention is to pay shareholders annual cash dividends at this ratio. In the event that new investments, acquisitions, or other capital expenditure plans do not materialize, our Board of Directors plans to review the dividend policy and consider increasing the dividend ratio above 30% of the prior year's recurring net income.

How much dividends have been declared by NAC? When does NAC pay its dividends?

See Dividend Information.
Link: https://new.nickelasia.com/investor-relations/investment-information-empty/dividend-information

How can I know the status of dividend payments on my shareholdings?

The shareholders may contact the following for inquiries regarding dividend payments, account status, address changes, lost dividend checks, stock certificates, and other pertinent matters:

34F Unit D, Rufino Pacific Tower
6784 Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Philippines

Telephone: +632 8403 2410 / +632 8403 2412
Fax: +632 8403 2414

Richard D. Regala – rdregala@stocktransfer.com.ph
Kath V. Flaminiano – kvflaminiano@stocktransfer.com.ph

NAC Finance:
Iryan Jean U. Padillo – iryanjean.padillo@nickelasia.com
+632 7798 7622 local 7106