Social: Prioritizing People

We believe in a growth narrative that contributes to the social welfare of the communities in which we live and work. To respond to the needs of our people at the grassroots and executive levels, we continuously listen and coordinate with our stakeholders with the hopes of helping secure a hopeful and sustainable future for millions.

Impact to SDGs

Themes and Goals


S1. Health & Safety

Good health and well-being


Health and Safety

A health and safety management system applies to all our employees, guests, and stakeholders. Our health and safety policies are properly and effectively communicated, reflected in our track record.


Total safe manhours


Number of admitted and OPD beneficiaries of community health programs

S2. Diversity & Inclusion

Equal opportunity at all levels and across all backgrounds


Diversity and Inclusion

We see our workforce as one of our most valuable resources. Even in times marked by uncertainty, we show our dedication to the welfare and well-being of our employees by providing a steady source of decent employment while concentrating on inclusive and sustainable growth.


Total number of employees

77% for Male

59% for Female

Employees from the local community

S3. Sustainable Communities

Sustainable communities after conversion


Sustainable Communities

Our Social Development Management Program (SDMP) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts have been influential, significant, and relevant in achieving our shared goals with the communities. We designed our SDMP and CSR programs to respond directly to the communities’ needs.

P200.4 million

SDMP actual spending

P17.5 million

CSR to IP Communities


S4. Work Conditions

Decent work at all levels


Work Conditions

We believes that investing in our employees’ knowledge positively affects not only their well-being and careers, but also the Company as a whole. The abilities employees gain from workshops and training allow them to perform their jobs at an optimal level. Informed and competent employees can achieve their professional aspirations and help reach the Company’s goals as well.


Total training hours


Total turnover

S5. Indigenous Peoples Partnership

Empowered and self-reliant Indigenous Cultural Communties


Indigenous Peoples Partnership

Our Group forms layers of equitable partnerships with indigenous people as hosts, neighbors, and employees. Throughout the exploration and drilling phases of our operations, we engage directly with local and indigenous communities to incorporate their views into the planning and execution of our initiatives.

P197.5 million

Paid royalties to support IP communities


Rate of IP employment across communities

S6. Nationbulding Thru Economic Growth

Catalyst for economic growth


Nation Building through Economic Growth

We aim to be the leading natural resources development firm and be known as a profitable and multi-awarded business with interests in mining and renewable energy, supported by a promising industry outlook on green megatrends. Our mining revenue streams and our burgeoning renewable energy business will accelerate our next leg of growth.

P7.9 billion

Total attributable net income


Total direct and indirect employment

Our three focus areas

Health and well-being

By 2025, our goal is to provide all our subsidiary companies with access to mental healthcare

Diversity and Inclusion

Equal opportunity at all levels and across all backgrounds

Sustainable Communities

Our aim is to raise the number of households with access to a Level 3 water system

Surigao medical-surgical mission 2022