Governance: Purposeful Governance

We believe that everyone in our organization creates an impact. Each employee, regardless of his or her title, has the capacity to play a central role in implementing and monitoring operations and providing valuable feedback to the senior management and the Board. Through this culture of vigilance and accountability, we consistently revisit and refine our corporate plans and go beyond what is asked of us.

Impact to SDGs

Themes and Goals

G1. Corporate Governance

Inclusive leadership and Management


Corporate Governance

We are committed to the highest standards of corporate governance. Led by a Board whose actions and decisions are anchored on the core values of responsibility, leadership, fairness, integrity, respect, safety, and teamwork, we ensure that the policies and guidelines governing our officers and employees are in accordance with the law and foster long-term success in the best interests of its shareholders.


Number of female officers and members of the Board

Approved and

established Anti-Bribery

and Anti-Corruption


G2. Corporate Behavior

Strong organizational culture


Corporate Behavior

Guided by its vision-mission statement, we recognize that good corporate governance is central to our longevity and success. We have a Code of Ethics that sets the professional and ethical conduct guidelines for directors and employees and iterates our firm stance against illegal and irregular activities.

Higher by 6%

NAC Group entry-level wage vs required local minimum wage


Incidents of corruption and labor code violations

G3. Incident/risk
Management Systems

Robust and comprehensive risk management systems


Incident/Risk Management Systems

In 2022, we strengthened our enterprise risk management with the creation of the risk management sector under the Sustainability, Risk Management, Corporate Affairs and Communications (SRCC) Department. The newly created sector reviewed the current enterprise risk management through a series of consultations across the group and came up with a four-year roadmap aligned with the OneNAC vision.

P40.65 million

Total expenditure on infrastructure projects

Creation of Risk

Management Sector

Our three focus areas

Incident/Risk Management Systems

Our vision is to be fully equipped with addressing risks and incidents in our organization to become a meaningful contributor to society.

Ethical Value Chains

Our objective is to be part of a value chain that reinforces and supports human rights and sustainability outcomes.

Policy Advocacy

Our vision is to support the creation of frameworks aimed at society's wider goals.

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