Educators visit HMC mine, plant trees

Officials from Department of Education (DepEd) Surigao del Norte Division led by Schools Division Superintendent Nelia S. Lomocso and Tagana-an District Administrators led by DepEd Tagana-an District Supervisor Ceana A. Epley visited HMC mine site in Tagana-an, Surigao del Norte for a tour and tree planting activity.

The visit was in keeping with Hinatuan Mining Corporation's commitment to transparency and openness in all its programs and activities, and was also an opportunity to showcase the best practices of the company when it comes to the protection of the environment.

Among the delegates were Hinatuan Elementary School Head Teacher Domingo A. Cuarenta, Bagong Silang Elementary School Head Teacher Percita Helme and Talavera National High School Principal Dindo Gipala.


Upon arrival at the HMC mine site, DepEd Surigao del Norte Division personnel and Tagana-an District administrators attended the safety orientation conducted by Safety Engineer Belly Joe Villafranca. The safety orientation is a requirement for all HMC visitors.

After the safety orientation, a video presentation of the best practices of HMC was then presented.

DepEd Surigao del Norte Schools Division Superintendent Nelia S. Lomocso said that, “the presentation provided her and her colleagues with a better understanding of mining in HMC.”

“Under the umbrella of Nickel Asia Corporation (NAC), HMC is not just a mining company but is one of the contributors to nation-building and at the same time an environmentally responsible mining company,” she added.


After the safety orientation and video presentation, DepEd Surigao del Norte Division personnel and Tagana-an District administrators participated in an enrichment tree planting activity.

A total of 1,000 different forest tree species were planted with the help of HMC Envi and ComRel personnel and summer job participants.

It was there that the visitors saw that HMC is using Jobo or organic seedling pots instead of plastic pots.

This is one of the innovations of HMC which helps reduce the use of plastic in the mine site and also provides an additional income for the residents of the company’s host communities.

“Jobo" or Organic seedling pots are bought from the community thru the Community Output Based Program (COBP) of the Environment Department.

The tree planting activity is regularly conducted to help forge a partnership with the academe for the protection of the environment.

“We hope that the plants we have planted will help in mitigating climate change,” said DepEd Surigao del Norte Division personnel Schools Division Superintendent Nelia S. Lomocso.


Following the tree planting activity, DepEd Surigao del Norte Division personnel and Tagana-an District administrators toured the HMC mine site particularly the rehabilitated areas. Among the areas visited was the Area 12 Mine Rehab area.

Area 12 Mine Rehab area is one of the 29 locations in Mindanao that contributed to the Guinness World Record on "Most Trees Planted simultaneously".

A total of 2,294,629 trees were planted simultaneously by 122,168 volunteers at 29 locations across Mindanao last September 26, 2014 to set the world record.

HMC central nursery was also visited by DepEd Surigao del Norte Division personnel and Tagana-an District administrators. They saw how HMC repurposed old tires into chairs and swings among many in the Central Nursery.

They also visited the Kaskag settling pond of HMC wherein Pollution Control Officer Kenneth Cloyd Momo provided them with thorough information on the purpose of the settling pond, how it works and how it is maintained and monitored.


Superintendent Lomocso was thankful for the opportunity provided by HMC by allowing them to conduct a mine tour and tree planting activity in the mine site.

“We have longed wished for this, thank you HMC for approving our request and making this activity possible. Thank you for allowing us to visit and realize that mining is responsible here in HMC,” she added.

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