Nestled amidst towering bedrocks, lush green canopies, serene spots with panoramic views of the Pacific, and gardens inspired by Singaporean aesthetics, Taganito Mining Corporation’s (TMC) ecotourism wonders offer an unexpected blend of nature's splendor and thoughtful design.

Nestled amidst towering bedrocks, lush green canopies, serene spots with panoramic views of the Pacific, and gardens inspired by Singaporean aesthetics, Taganito Mining Corporation’s (TMC) ecotourism wonders offer an unexpected blend of nature's splendor and thoughtful design.

But who would have thought that all of these are packed and offered in Taganito Mining Corporation’s ecotourism wonders?

The juxtaposition of natural beauty and thoughtful design transforms what might seem improbable into a delightful reality.

In the delicate transition from an active mining site to a post-extraction phase, where economic viability wanes, TMC exemplifies a commitment to responsible stewardship through its Final Mine Rehabilitation and Development Plan (FMRDP).

As the mining area reaches the point of being mined-out, TMC embraces a comprehensive strategy that extends beyond closure, incorporating sustainable practices for environmental restoration and community engagement.

A key facet of this plan involves the establishment of ecotourism initiatives, transforming once industrially marked landscapes into havens of natural wonder.

This approach signifies a paradigm shift where the conclusion of extraction marks the beginning of a new chapter focused on ecological resilience and shared appreciation of the natural world.

Dotted along the Urbiztondo Ridge, the Rock Garden, Lantaw Bay Garden, and Botanic Garden from the heart of TMC's ecotourism complex. Here, visitors can marvel at preserved bedrocks, lounge amidst rattan chairs, or wander through a Singaporean-inspired haven of orchids and ornamental plants.

The Rock Garden has a perfect backdrop of preserved bedrock exposed as it now stands at 210.61m, 22 meters lower from its original elevation. A hard hat and a good pose, you’re all set to look like a geologist or a mining engineer in the field.

Lantaw Bay Garden, established in 2020, surrounded by lush vegetation is an ideal place to sit by the rattan hanging chairs and breathe the Pacific wind. Meanwhile, Botanic Garden, a Singaporean-inspired garden is a haven of delicate orchid species, various ornamental plants, and an arboretum.

This is truly a heaven for plantitos and plantitas, a learning ground for ornamental plant enthusiasts, and an Insta-perfect spot.

These sites seamlessly integrate ecotourism principles into rehabilitation efforts, not only preserving ecosystems but also showcasing the beauty of responsible reclamation practices.

As the world emerges from the pandemic, TMC leads the way with an extensive array of mine tours, coupled with tree planting activities and community visits.

This transformation stands as a testament to TMC's commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable development, offering visitors dynamic educational experiences that transcend mere aesthetics.

Far from being a conclusion, it marks a new beginning—a pledge to continued sustainability and a legacy of positive change for generations to come.

For those longing to explore beyond, the Taga-2 Ridge Ecotourism Complex offers panoramic views of iconic Philippine landmarks, brought close during the pandemic's travel restrictions.

During the pandemic, Mayon Volcano and Chocolate Hills are brought close because if we can’t travel to these places yet, then we’ll bring these places to us.

This can be enjoyed from a viewing deck in a distance or up close. Nearby, sitting on the highest elevation of the Ridge, at 260m above sea level, Mines View Deck offers a panoramic view of all the ridges and the vessels passing by the sea. During the rainy season, the leaves of the Maribuhok (Gymnostoma rumphianum) rustling in the fog is a slice of sylvan paradise.

These sites are established by seamlessly integrating the principles of ecotourism into rehabilitation efforts. TMC not only contributes to the preservation of ecosystems but also caters visitors to witness the beauty that emerges from responsible reclamation practices.

In 2023, as the world recovers from the constraints of the pandemic, the new normal allows for the revival of activities previously curtailed, including mine tours.

Seizing this opportune moment, TMC has taken the lead in providing an extensive array of mine tours this year.

Welcoming diverse groups ranging from local and foreign visitors of other mining companies and educational institutions to government agencies, non-government organizations, people's organizations, and company employees, TMC has offered a mine-tour package coupled with tree planting activities and community visits.

The conversion of once-depleted mine sites into flourishing ecotourism destinations stands as a commendable feat in environmental stewardship and sustainable development.

TMC's transformation is a resounding endorsement of conscientious resource management and corporate responsibility.

These ecotourism gems transcend mere aesthetic appeal, serving as dynamic educational platforms. Visitors are not only treated to breathtaking landscapes but are also enlightened about the significance of environmental conservation and the far-reaching benefits of sustainable practices.

Far from being a conclusion, this transformation marks a new beginning—a commitment to continued sustainability. TMC's steadfast pledge ensures the perpetual flourishing of these ecotourism marvels, as the company upholds the highest environmental stewardship standards.

This commitment radiates beyond the confines of the transformed areas, sparking a ripple effect of positive change throughout neighboring communities and industries.

The legacy of TMC's transformative journey extends an invitation for all to join in preserving and cherishing our natural world.

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