HMC Employees Donate Blood

A total of 37 employees from Hinatuan Mining Corporation (HMC) participated in the company’s two-day blood donation activity on June 27-28, 2018.

The event was spearheaded by the Health section of HMC, led by Admin Manager and Company Physician Dr. Oliver Dennis O. Lao.

It was conducted, in partnership with Philippine Red Cross (PRC) Surigao Del Norte Chapter, at the mine site of HMC.


According to Dr. Lao, the essential benefit of donating blood is that the donor will have a priceless feeling of being able to help those in dire need of blood.

“This brings joy to the patient as well as his/her family. The act of giving blood impacts a lot of people's lives and this inspires a spirit of generosity. It gives them a sense of happiness and pride that they are healthy enough to donate,” said Dr. Lao

He added that the blood donation also provides free health screening for hemoglobin, blood pressure and other laboratory tests.

“Health wise, this noble gesture is cardio-protective in nature; this means that there will be a better blood circulation on the part of the donor,” he said.

Studies show that this also results to a youthful glow since blood is donated so the body is forced to compensate and produce new blood cells.

There are studies that prove that donating blood regularly boosts the immune system which combats infection and unnecessary health problems.

“For the recipient, this will give them a new hope and a feeling of contentment that their life maybe prolonged and this will encourage them to pay it forward on their new lease on life,” stated Dr. Lao.


Before donating blood, HMC employees were required to undergo a pre-screening process facilitated by HMC Health Section staff and PRC personnel.

In the pre-screening process, the would-be donor is required to go over the basic eligibility for blood donation. A few questions regarding health history and any prescriptions or medications taken were also asked in this stage.

Upon passing the pre-screening process, the interested donors will then proceed to the blood typing stage of the blood donation activity. As the name suggests, blood typing is a method to tell what type of blood you have.

This is an important stage in the process of blood donation since not all blood types are compatible, so it is essential to know the blood group.

A blood type that is incompatible with the blood type of the recipient could trigger a dangerous immune response.

After the blood typing process, the interested donors will then proceed to a donor bed wherein a blood donation kit will be used to draw blood from the vein in the arms.

“Donating blood is one of the best gifts, we can give to our brethren. There is a worldwide shortage of blood and it is very important to support this noble gesture of donating blood, the gift of blood, the gift of life,” said Dr. Lao.

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