Two more scholars of Hinatuan Mining Corporation (HMC) are now certified mining engineers.

This after Keenen C. Caluña and King P. Paje passed the 2021 Mining Licensure Exam held last August 9, 2021, maintaining the 100% passing rate of HMC’s scholars.

To date, a total of fourteen (14) HMC scholars have passed the exam since 2015.

The scholarship being provided by HMC, a subsidiary of Nickel Asia Corp. (NAC), is part of its commitment to provide investments to support education and to contribute to a brighter future for its host and neighboring communities.

Caluña is a resident of Barangay Talavera, host community of HMC while Paje is a resident of Barangay Aurora, a neighboring community of HMC.

Despite the threat of CoVID-19, Caluña and Paje were determined to take the licensure examination in Cebu City in pursuit of their goals with the support of HMC.

According to Caluña, “the threat of the disease derailed some of my plans, delayed my dreams and stopped my usual routines. Many things and almost everything this time is in the slowest movement. Taking the licensure examination during this trying time is quite impossible due to the rising numbers of CoVID-19 patients and its variant.”

“But the disease cannot stop me from reaching and hitting my goal. God, family and friends had been and always been there supporting me financially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually through the lowest and highest of my life status. The moment I found out that there is a possibility to take a licensure examination for Mining Engineering, I took the opportunity to continue pursuing my goals in spite of the pandemic,” said Caluña.

“Like Engr. Caluña, I also wanted to take the Mining Licensure Examination if there was an opportunity. We have finished our studies in 2020 and no licensure examinations were conducted during that year due to CoVID-19. This delayed my plans; nonetheless I was hopeful I will still be able to continue with my goals. Fortunately for us, Mining Licensure Examination was announced to proceed in 2021. I decided to prepare for the examination and once again ask the support of HMC,”said Paje.

“When I decided to take a review, I knew that it would help and give me additional knowledge not just in books and theories but also broadens my mind in real life situation when I get to work in the mining industry. And it would also help me prepare for the examination,” said Caluña.

“To fully prepare for the licensure examination, HMC supported me financially. HMC has always been at my side supporting me in pursuing my goals and dreams since I was their college scholar way back 2015. I am always thankful for all the support I received from HMC and they have become one of the instruments which helped me achieve this success in passing the Mining Licensure Examination,” she added.

Paje also expressed his gratitude to the support provided by HMC not only on their preparation for the Mining Licensure Examination but also to the aid given during his college years.

“I am very happy and very thankful for being chosen as one of the recipients of HMC’s scholarship program. I really appreciate your assistance and cannot express my gratitude enough,” said Paje.

According to Paje, “the willingness of HMC to help students financially is wonderful and I hope your organization continues to do so for as long as it is within your power. The scholarship has helped me focus on my education and not worry about the financial aspect. Thank you very much. God bless you always, more power and stay safe.”

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