Taganito Mining Corporation (TMC) has been in the mining industry for more than three decades, and is considered as one of the major economic boosters of the municipality of Claver and the entire province of Surigao del Norte.

Taganito Mining Corporation (TMC) has been in the mining industry for more than three decades, and is considered as one of the major economic boosters of the municipality of Claver and the entire province of Surigao del Norte.

TMC's contribution in terms of Gross Domestic Product, Export Industry, Taxes and Royalties, Employment and Social Development benefits its host and neighboring communities.

TMC completed four cycles of Social Development and Management Program (SDMP) implementation in its host and neighboring communities, thus, bringing dependable and sustained projects, programs, and activities over the last years.

Need-based approach

This new five-year Social Development and Management Program (2021-2025) is the fifth cycle plan of TMC.

Its primary aim is to address the actual needs of the host and neighboring communities in accordance with the accredited program components stipulated in the Mining Act of 1995 and the DAO 2010-21.

In order to determine the needs of the community, relevant data were gathered such as site profile which explains the geographical location, physiography, drainage system, climate type and rainfall, pattern; description of the environment which is specifically described with the land-use pattern, availability and source of water supply, and natural calamities and disasters; socio-economic conditions which includes the demographic information, income sources of the stakeholders, existing facilities, social services and support programs in the community; and, cultural condition which includes the history of the areas, migration, situation, customs and beliefs of the community stakeholders and, peace and order situation.

To attain the SDMP’s main goal, development strategies were formulated in partnership with the stakeholders and the Representatives of the Host and Neighboring Communities (RHNC).

This indicated the strong adherence of TMC to the principles of participatory and multi–sector approach for the development of communities. The implementation of these PPAs aim to nurture stakeholders into an independent and empowered community, considering TMC’s life of mine.

Sustainable livelihood

Despite the challenges brought by COVID-19 protocols and restrictions, the company is committed towards achieving sustainable projects – especially livelihood – that create significant impacts to the communities.

Guided by the Mine and Geosciences Bureau’s social compliances, TMC managed to imbue the programs, projects, and activities with the company’s social commitments.

The proposed 2022 ASDMP livelihood component will be focused on Enterprise Development to prepare the community–based industries for local and national manufacturing, commercialization and trading.

In addition, the community-based eco-tourism projects are set to showcase the co–existence of mining and tourism in Claver.

These projects are in consonance with the municipal tourism plan which will not only generate livelihood and employment, but will also sustain the continuity after mining life.

Reliable healthcare

Sustained partnership of TMC and the Department of Health, through the Barangay Health Centers, will still flourish as it continues to provide access to health care services to the communities.

Quality education

Likewise, the collaboration of TMC and the Department of Education will carry on in the next five years as projects, programs, and activities for education are given much importance.

Infrastructure support

On the other hand, assistance to various infrastructure development is given to ensure the physical improvement of the communities; while, established and institutionalized PPAs from the previous cycle, such as manpower services, are to be continued to assist in the delivery of community services.

Getting the word out

The Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) programs play a significant role in creatively impacting the communities about the company's unyielding environmental and social commitments. TMC actively participates in government and non–government activities, thus, new and longstanding partnerships and linkages are established in these activities.

Moreover, publications to national and local daily broadsheets, and use of social media –through TMC’s official facebook page, Taganito Miners– are effective tools of company information. These provided readers and followers the updates on recent happenings about the company’s activities – from job opportunities to SDMP project turnovers, and environmental feats.

Mine tours will be opened to agencies and organizations –both government and private– who want to see and experience how TMC conducts its operations, and implements its environmental and social commitments.

Research, scholarships

The Mining Technology and Geosciences Research full academic grant will remain to provide opportunities to deserving students. Research and other geosciences initiatives will be supported to ensure the continuity of the mining industry.

The 2022 ASDMP implementation will be challenging for TMC especially with the new normal brought by the pandemic. Undeterred, the company commits to compliance of the guidelines set to achieve sustainable PPAs and create a large impact to the communities even beyond the life of mine.

The years to come will be more inclusive to all stakeholders. Hence, TMC and the communities will continuously work together in the spirit of transparency, accountability, and participation to achieve greater impact and sustainable growth.

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