Message from the President and CEO

Today, we mark the third straight month that Metro Manila has been under community quarantine, but we still have to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The spread of the virus that causes COVID 19 has been significantly reduced because of the lockdown measures implemented nationwide, but it is not yet at the level that health authorities want it to be for them to say it is safe to remove all limitations on all public gatherings and commercial operations.

So, we in Metro Manila need to be a little more patient and a little more conscientious in our daily activities to get where we have to be.

Happily, other parts of our archipelago are better off, and in our mining communities the threat is COVID-19 is significantly lower. Let’s keep it that way.

This is the reason why for this message, I’d like to begin not with an update of our operations but with a congratulatory message for all of us working at NAC.

Last Friday, TMC, CMC and THPAL turned over the P18 Million donation to the Philippine Red Cross so the latter can establish a Molecular Test Laboratory in Surigao City.

I’ve mentioned this previously but wish to revisit the project because of the extreme significance this has for the health and welfare of our mining communities in Surigao and in the whole of CARAGA or Eastern Mindanao.

The lab is good not only for COVID; it is also good for other diseases like Zika, Mers-Cov, SARS, etc.

As PRC chair Sen. Richard Gordon states, this is a tremendous boost to the capacity of health authorities in Eastern Mindanao to handle these threats to public health.

And we should all be proud that we are part of an organization that has demonstrated to everyone what a responsible mining operation can do, prouder still in the knowledge that at NAC, our commitment to the welfare of our communities is what is at the heart of what we do.

As soon as the last remaining issues on the exact location of the laboratory are settled, the Red Cross will ship the laboratory in container vans that are immediately operational. That will be another occasion for celebration.

It is for projects like these that we do our best as operators of four of the best run nickel mines in the country and of the country’s most promising renewable energy company.

I am happy to note that TMC has completed 13 vessels as of yesterday and is currently loading four vessels simultaneously. I also want to mention here that in an exercise of caution, TMC subjected 27 of its associates to a rapid antibody test for COVID and everyone turned out negative, validating the effectivity of its health and safety protocols.

CMC has loaded nine foreign vessels plus two for CBNC and is currently loading three more foreign vessels while awaiting the arrival of a fourth. CMC has also passed the first stage of TUV Rheinland’s remote audit for ISO 45001 (OSHAS), ISO 14001 (EMA) and ISO 9001 (IMS). The second and final audit stage is expected in the next six months

HMC has loaded eight foreign vessels and one barge for CBNC. It is currently loading another foreign vessel and one more barge for CBNC while awaiting the arrival of its tenth foreign vessel. Last June 10, the MRFC visited HMC and came away impressed

with its environment programs. Community-wise, assistance was extended to local churches in anticipation of the reopening of places of worship. HMC continues to strictly enforce its health and safety regulations.

RTN has an ongoing loading of one vessel, representing its 21st for the year. One more vessel is expected for June. RTN associates engaged in the coastal clean-up at Ursula Island in commemoration of World Ocean's Day 2. Relief goods were distributed at distributed at Barangay Tabud; in the meantime, RTN associates also resumed its Health & Wellness program.

EPI has received the first tranche of payment in the sale of 10% of JSI to TBEA of China; the proceeds will be used to build an additional 30MW capacity. Of the current 32MW capacity 98% remains available.

As we welcome the last two weeks of June – and the end of the first half of 2020, I would again wish to thank all of you for the hard work and dedication with which you carry out your duties and fulfil your responsibilities as part of the NAC organization.

We have survived in far better shape than many other businesses and I am proud that no NAC associate has had to face a single day without pay. May we continue with this level of focus throughout the second half of June, always staying safe and keeping healthy and being proud that we are all part of a company that truly cares for its people, it’s communities and for our country.

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