My MIA Experience

I have never acted for a film before, I had only acted for a stage and that was in grade school for a play.

Last year, I was given a chance to play a cameo role in a movie called “MIA,” a RomCom or Romantic Comedy movie.

The story revolves around a doctor named Mia Salazar played by Coleen Garcia, who turned into alcoholic following the tragic death of her partner, played by Billy Crawford.

Despite Mia’s trials in life she managed to perform her responsibilities as a Doctor in Bataraza, Rio Tuba in Puero Princesa, Palawan.

For Coleen, “the movie is about standing up again more than you know trying to find somebody else. More than trying to go back into the next relationship to find somebody who’ll be there.”

“It’s not about companionship so much, it’s more about finding that hope and trying to I guess recover that hope in somebody else as well,” she added.

Jay Policarpio played by Edgar Allan Guzman a cheerful and nerdy forester in Rio Tuba Nickel Mining who transforms mined-out area into rainforest helped Mia to recover from a painful and tragic fiancées death.

Jay also gave a better perspective in Mia’s life and introduce the importance of mining and how it helps people in Rio Tuba. With full of determination and enthusiasm, Jay continued to guide Mia and removed her from being alcoholic.

Being part of this movie, I witnessed the chemistry in Guzman and Garcia’s role.

The screenplay was co-written by Veronica Velasco and Jinky Laurel, and Produced by Chris Cahilig of Insight 360.

Honestly, I cannot describe how nervous I was, and still kind of am. Even before we had started shooting, I was nervous. This is an entirely different ball game.

I didn't want to let people down, and I wanted to make sure I performed at my very best and no mistakes nor no additional take when the camera starts rolling.

We shot the film in Manila and in Bataraza Palawan.

Before shooting, we had a few rehearsals to run through the lines and roughly outline blocking. Then, I had to memorize and learn my lines, my motivations, and the expressions I needed to convey onscreen.

It was an eye-opening experience to be casted and to be part of a big production movie.

Not only was I learning what it was to be a new comer actor on a set, but I was also observing what people did in specific crew roles. I tried to absorb as much knowledge and information as I could throughout the entire experience.

It was an absolutely amazing learning experience and see the passion in my co-actors in this movie and even the cast and crew are truly wonderful and professional.

All I can say that I am proud to be part of this movie that teaches us to move on and start all over again, and just what Jay Policarpio said in this movie, determination can save even the most devastated.

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