TNHS is located at Barangay Talavera, Tagana-an, Surigao del Norte and is the only secondary school in the host community of NAC-HMC.

TNHS is located at Barangay Talavera, Tagana-an, Surigao del Norte and is the only secondary school in the host community of NAC-HMC.

Residents from Barangay Talavera, Sitio Bagong Silang and Sitio Campandan usually take their secondary education at Talavera National High School.

NAC-HMC formally turned over the two new school buildings to TNHS last April 20.

Before the official turn over ceremony, Fr. Josefito P. Mira, DCS, Parish Priest of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church of Tagana-an, led the blessing of the two school buildings which were designated for Speech Laboratory and Science Laboratory.

A small program then followed as part of the official turn over, which was attended by Assistant Schools Division Superintendent Oscar O. Masuhay, Education Program Specialist Dr. Manuel L. Limjoco Jr.,

TNHS school Principal Lorna F. Diaz, BLGU representative Brgy. Talavera councilor Sol Eleguir, Parish Priest of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church of Tagana-an Josefito P. Mira, DCS, NAC-HMC ComRel Officer Antonio B. Resuera Jr., NAC-HMC ComRel staff and TNHS faculty and parents.

TNHS School Principal Lorna F. Diaz was very thankful for the school buildings provided by NAC-HMC.

“The teachers, students and parents, from the bottom of our hearts we are thankful. For six years, the school has come a long way thanks to the help of NAC-HMC. The school is very lucky for the support,” said Diaz.

Assistant Schools Division Superintendent Oscar O. Masuhay also expressed his gratitude to the company.

“We at DepEd would like to give our thanks to NAC-HMC for giving quality education. We are very much happy and blessed that in Barangay Talavera there is NAC-HMC,” he said.

He said there were a lot of improvements took place at TNHS for the past six years.

“I could not just imagine how fast Talavera National High School has improved. After six years, TNHS is very much more advanced compared to other schools in the division. It is because of NAC-HMC that TNHS now has the facilities,” Masuhay said.

According to Masuhay, “TNHS was just squatter in the Elementary, but now it has purchased its own land.” Community Organizer Antonio F. Adlawan also remembered how hard it was back then for the students of Talavera National High School.

He recalled that, “before, students would be have classes in the basketball court because of the lack of school buildings.“

That was in 2011, but just five years after, more school buildings were constructed for TNHS to accommodate more students and provide them with the necessary facilities needed in providing quality education.

Antonio B. Resuera, ComRel Officer of NAC-HMC said “Talavera National High School was established through the efforts of NAC-HMC in partnership with the Barangay Local Government Unit of Barangay Talavera and DepEd.” Before the establishment of TNHS, high school students residing in Barangay Talavera, Sitio Campandan and Sitio Bagong Silang had to take their secondary education in other barangays.

Others would go as far as Surigao City just to continue their secondary education.

The establishment of Talavera National High school and the continuous improvement and addition of school buildings have been very helpful not only to the students as the primary beneficiaries but also to their parents. Students that are enrolled in TNHS study free of charge.

So, parents no longer have to worry of where to get money to provide their children with quality education as it is being provided by TNHS for free. This enables them to save more money that they can use for other purposes.

“The construction of the Speech and Science laboratory buildings were done as part of the 2015 Social Development and Management Program (SDMP) of NAC-HMC“,

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