In 1973, Eulita M. Borja arrived in Barangay Talavera, nine years before Hinatuan Mining Corporation (HMC) started its first commercial shipment in June of 1982.

In 1973, Eulita M. Borja arrived in Barangay Talavera, nine years before Hinatuan Mining Corporation (HMC) started its first commercial shipment in June of 1982.

She went to Talavera with her husband, Raymundo C. Borja, who is a native of the area.

During that period there were only a few houses in the area and most of the residents during this time were fishermen.

Those with skills ventured outside the barangay to look for work suited for their skills.

When HMC started its operation, the local residents of Barangay Talavera were used to working far from their families, but started to go back home as there were job opportunities presented by the company.

Local residents were among the first ones hired by the company due to their proximity to the mining operation.

It was in 1986 when Eulita M. Borja first started her career in politics as a Brgy. Kagawad. The following year, due to the untimely death of their Barangay Captain, she became the de facto Brgy. Captain.

It happened because she had the highest number of votes among the Brgy. Kagawads.

“May ako panglantaw para sa karajawan diri sa Talavera sanan para diri sa mga tao (I envisioned improvement for Talavera and provide for the welfare of the residents)” said Mrs. Borja.

Back then, the supply of water was one of their community’s main problem. To address this, the officials requested assistance from the Municipality of Tagana-an and Engr. Babatugon from HMC.

Apart from providing technical assistance, HMC also provided their barangay with heavy equipment such as backhoe to help with the problem. Soon the water supply issue was solved.

Another project that was conceptualized during her term as Barangay Captain of Talavera was the construction of the farm to market road connecting Barangay Talavera Proper to Sitio Bagong Silang.

Borja shared that, “HMC also provided their assistance to our barangay by lending bulldozers for our infrastructure project. We are very thankful to HMC for providing help for our projects in the Barangay. They did not hesitate to assist us when we needed them.”

It was also during Borja’s time of service that the Department of Education (DepEd) and HMC partnered for the construction of school buildings in Sitio Bagong Silang.

The barangay paid for the lot, DepEd donated school buildings and HMC provided heavy equipment needed for the project. For Sitio Campandan, HMC donated two school buildings.

After serving as Barangay Captain, Borja was not involved in any organization or association. It was only last year that she ran for Barangay Kagawad again and won.

Currently, she is also the chairman of Representative of Host and Neighboring Communities (RHNC) to the Social Development and Management Program (SDMP), a project of HMC that aims to help uplift nearby communities.

As chairman of the RHNC, she said that she is willing to provide insights through her experience for the improvement of the groups’ performance.

“May I say that all members of RHNC are working together to achieve a common goal of getting the best for the community through the implementation of SDMP by HMC,” said Kgd Eulita Borja, who has remained grateful for the continued support provided by HMC to its impact community.

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