​Reaping the Fruits of Hard Work

“Hard work reaps success, be diligent and good things will come for you”

This has been my favorite inspirational quote throughout my years as a student. I do believe that we can only achieve our dreams if we work hard and offer everything to the Lord, because He will always grant our prayers if it is meant for us.

My journey in achieving my goals was not easy – I had my ups and downs, there were times when I felt victorious but, there were also instances when I thought of giving up.

However, I treated those impediments as motivation to continue the journey and I found hope despite of the failures and struggles that I’ve been through.

I reminisce the days when I was still a kid and I used to imitate my teacher while having a lesson. When I get home, I would put my stuffed toys on the mattress as if they are my students and I’ll act as the teacher. I used to accompany my mother going to the Mamanwas and I saw how difficult it was for her to get there.

However, it was never a hindrance in fulfilling her responsibility as a teacher. And so I said to myself, someday I will be like my mother: I will educate these children and I’ll make sure that all of them will have a goal in life.

Growing up, I thought that that dream of mine will remain in my imagination because life back then was hard. The income of my parents was not enough for our daily expenses and my father works miles away just to provide for our family.

I remember those days when I do not have money to buy snacks and I will just sit in my chair doing my homework during recess time.

My classmates would approach me and I would tell them that I ate a lot during breakfast so I’m still full. But the truth is, my stomach was shouting for food.

When we have activities in the classroom that require materials, I will not tell my mother because I know that we don’t have enough money to spend. Instead, I will just approach my friends and borrow materials from them.

My sister was in college and I was in high school so it meant more expenses to pay. I knew that life will be harder, but instead of whining, I equipped myself to be strong and continue the fight no matter what. I gave my best in my studies and maintained a positive outlook despite the many challenges.

Until an enormous blessing came and I was told that Taganito Mining Corporation will be offering a scholarship for the new graduates and as the class valedictorian, I will be given a full scholarship. I was overwhelmed when I heard the news because this was an answered prayer. I really thank God and TMC for the opportunity given. Now, I will have a clearer vision of my future.

Finally, my parents’ burden will be lessened. The tuition, allowance, pay for the boarding house and other school fees will not be their problem anymore because TMC would shoulder everything. Taganito Mining Corporation paved way for me to study in college comfortably.

As I started my journey in college, I promised myself and God that I will not let such great opportunity be put to waste because I am a very lucky person to be given a full scholarship.

Praying and studying, this was how I lived my life in college. After school, I would attend mass to offer my prayers and thanks to God. I knew that there’s a right time for other things and my priority is my studies.

The support of TMC was not limited to financial assistance alone; it made sure that we are coping up with our studies by monitoring our status in school. TMC ComRel Staff gave us encouragement and wise advices in order to make sure that we are taking the right track that is why I will be forever thankful to them.

May 16, 2018 was a significant day for me for this day marks the day when I harvest the fruits of my hard work. Now, I am a proud graduate of Bachelor of Science of Elementary Education.

I am aware that this is not the end of my journey. In fact, this is just the beginning of my battle in achieving greatness and in becoming an educator. But, I have opened one door and the experience was not easy but, it was worth it.

Nonetheless, I will not be triumphant without my family and TMC behind my back for they served as my support system in every step of the way.

o the management of Taganito Mining Corporation, thank you for supporting me all throughout my college years and for shouldering the expenses for my review in preparation for the Licensure Examination for Teachers.

I hope that you will continue to become an instrument for dreamers like me in attaining their goals in life. To God be all the glory!

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