RTNMC donates P3.6M to boost healthcare services in Bataraza

IN a bid to boost the healthcare services of the community, Rio Tuba Nickel Mining Corporation (RTNMC) has donated a whooping P3.6 Million to the Municipal Government of Bataraza in Palawan.

The P3.6 million donation was allotted specifically for Bataraza District Hospital (BDH) to booster its medical equipment, health professionals, and basic health services.

The collaboration between the Provincial government, Local Government of Bataraza, BDH, RTNMC, and Coral Bay Nickel Corporation (CBNC) was initiated last year for the improvement of health services for the community.

The funds were sourced from Rio Tuba Mining’s Social Development and Management Program (SDMP), a program specifically designed to support the community and address their socio-economic needs.

By allocating a substantial portion of the SDMP funds to the healthcare sector, the RTNMC seeks to improve the basic welfare of the people and recognize the importance of accessible and quality healthcare services.

The donation is expected to have a tangible impact in Bataraza, allowing it to acquire state-of-the-art medical equipment, hire skilled healthcare professionals, and improve the overall quality of basic health services.

The joint efforts of all stakeholders involved are expected to yield positive outcomes and contribute to the overall betterment of the healthcare sector in Bataraza, ultimately improving the quality of life for its residents.

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