Students Learn About Environment, Plant 3.5K Trees

A total of almost 3,500 different forest trees of various species were planted in just a span of one month by students in the areas to be rehabilitated by Hinatuan Mining Corporation (HMC) in Tagana-an, Surigao del Norte.

The tree planting activities were done by Hinatuan Mining Educational Learnership Program for Students (HELPS) Batch 2 Learners and facilitated by the Environment Section of HMC, who prepared the planting site along with the necessary plants and tools needed.

The tree planting fieldwork was a channel for the students to gain new learning and experience on reforestation and rehabilitation efforts of the company.

HMC Agro-Forester Marichu P. Calungsod said the company through its Environment Section has conducted weekly tree planting activities with HELPS Batch 2 Learners.

The importance of mining and environment were discussed prior to each tree planting activity through short Information, Education and Communication discussions. We open the young minds of these HELPS Batch 2 Learners, to advocate responsible mining that is practiced here in HMC.

Marichu P. Calungsod

HMC Agro-Forester

Calungsod added that: “tree planting is just one of the activities we regularly conduct in HMC as a responsible mining company that is committed to protect the environment in all its operations.”

“Even if tree planting is a minor activity to some, it contributes a lot to mitigate climate change,” she added.

According to HELPS Batch 2 Learner Ellen Mae Laspoña, at first she thought planting trees was easy, but when she did, it was not an easy task saying that ”there are a lot of things you need to do after planting.”

“This includes proper care along with regular watering. Even though it was difficult, we still had fun since we were able to protect our environment by participating in tree planting activities,” she said.

Fellow HELPS Batch 2 Learner Vanessa Cababasada also added that, “By participating in tree planting, we were able to learn the activities of HMC in reforestation. We can be proud of saying that we had a hand in increasing the number of trees in the mine site of HMC.”

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