The Plastic Solution to Plastic Pollution

Everything must go somewhere. Technically, when we throw anything away, it always goes somewhere.

The challenge now is to promote proper waste segregation and management of plastic waste.

As part of Taganito Mining Corporation (TMC)’s thrust to promote and support a clean and healthy community, the Clean and Green Plastic Solution Program was piloted in Brgy. Urbiztondo.

For the fifth year now, the program advocated the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle of waste, as well as the establishment and maintenance of green and healthy surroundings.

Households are encouraged to plant in their yards a variety of vegetables and herbs.

This was paired with the program, Plastic Solution, which reuses plastic bottles by filling them with non-biodegradable waste such as plastic bags, sachets, and food wrappers.

These stuffed bottles then served as alternative bricks in the construction of walls and fences, and the creation of garden pots, benches, and many more!

It became an avenue to minimize non-biodegradable trash in the environment and turn as much plastic waste as possible into other items.

To encourage the participation among the Urbiztondohanons, a contest is held every year during the barangay’s Araw and Fiesta celebration to award and recognize households and puroks that showcased the most creative and innovative reuse of plastic.

With a clean community, people will also be healthier. Health is an important aspect of our well-being that will allow us to perform and achieve our goals.

Tied with good health is a clean environment which we have a responsibility to maintain and a commitment we share with TMC.

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