TMC-assisted farmers reap sweet harvests from pineapple plantation

CLAVER, Surigao del Norte—A community is now benefitting from one of the many sustainable and income-generating livelihood projects of Taganito Mining Corporation (TMC).

Boosting local agriculture and livelihood, TMC, an affiliate of Nickel Asia Corporation (NAC), funded, through its Social Development and Management Program (SDMP), a pineapple plantation in Claver.

The pineapple plantation is being operated by the 15-member Cagdianao Forest Seedlings and Pineapple Association (CAFSPIA), a people’s organization supported by TMC.

Antonia V. Ranza, CAFSPIA president, said the pineapple plantation would mean additional income for their members.

"I was elated when I learned of this project by TMC, as this will provide additional income for me and my family,” Ranza said.

Amanda Lopez, a CAFSPIA member, expressed belief that the pineapple project can last for decades, benefiting even the next generation.

"TMC has provided us many sustainable, income-generating livelihood projects. This (pineapple plantation) is a huge help to the family of our members,” she added.

Engr. Artemio E. Valeroso, TMC Resident Mine Manager, said that farmers, being one of the most vulnerable sectors, are one of the primary beneficiaries of TMC’s livelihood programs.

“Farmers are among the vulnerable sectors especially during the pandemic, and they are one of the target beneficiaries of TMC’s livelihood interventions under its SDMP," he added.

CAFSPIA sits on a 1.26-hectare lot planted with 15,500 pineapple crowns. Since 2018, at least P1.02 million worth of support was poured by TMC from its Social Development and Management Program (SDMP) for the procurement of pineapple seedlings and crowns, land preparation, labor, and other logistics.

In mid-July to August last year, farmers were able to harvest 626 kilos of organic pineapples from the plantation. The pineapples were sold from P30 to P50 per kilo.

Aside from pineapples, CAFSPIA also grows various forest seedlings such as Ironwood (Magkono), Pine tree (Agoho), Red Meranti (Red Lawaan), Mangium, Narra, Ebor, Marang, and Antipoyo.

One of the markets for their seedlings is TMC, which utilizes the seedlings in its reforestation and rehabilitation efforts.

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