As COVID-19 pandemic emerged as a global crisis in early 2020, nearly every aspect of the world of work has been affected, especially the risk of transmission of the virus in workplaces.

As COVID-19 pandemic emerged as a global crisis in early 2020, nearly every aspect of the world of work has been affected, especially the risk of transmission of the virus in workplaces.

As a resilient responsible mining company, Taganito Mining Corporation (TMC) continues to uphold safety and health programs for its employees to provide them a safe and healthy working environment despite the threat brought by the pandemic.

TMC Resident Mine Manager Engr. Artemio E. Valeroso said the company will continue to hold various programs related to the safety of all employees.

“I am also expecting everyone to be more cooperative in every company mandate and policy pertaining to safety and health,” he said.

The mining firm joined the world in celebrating World Day for Safety and Health at Work last April 28 with this year’s theme: “Anticipate, prepare and respond to crises - Invest Now in Resilient Occupational Safety and Health Systems.”

As part of the safety day celebration, TMC held a week-long celebration which promoted the importance of safety at work while we are in the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

Various programs and competitions were held with the participation of employees including service contractors, such as On-the-Spot Poster Making, Essay Writing, Photography, Slogan Making, Quiz Bowl, Crossword Puzzle, Search for Best Implementer of Good Housekeeping and Fire Extinguishment contests.

The safety week kicked-off with a program participated by selected representatives from various departments and contractors.

During the event, employees reiterated their commitment to safety and then one by one signed the provided Safety Commitment Tarpaulin. After the program, an exhibit was formally opened showing safety-related items, including the trophies won by TMC for participating in various competitions.

On the following day, the Safety Department initiated the Safety Pantry--inspired by Maginhawa Community Pantry--where items such as disposable face masks and face shields were given to interested employees for free.

The activity aims to encourage employees to donate what they can share and contribute so others may be provided with what they can’t afford to buy.

The Safety Pantry also displayed vegetables from TMC’s own Gulayan sa Minahan, a project maintained by MEPEO, which managed to distribute 27 kilos of Pipino, nine kilos upland Kangkong, 28 kilos Upo, three kilos Kamatis, four kilos Patola, four kilos Ampalaya, 10 kilos if Radish, and five kilos Okra.

The winners of the competitions held during the week-long safety celebration were:

Essay Writing Contest:

  • 1st - France Danjo S. Agruda of Accounting
  • 2nd - Mark Vincent Junel E. Felias of ComRel
  • 3rd - Isabel F. Torsino of Accounting

Poster Making Contest:

  • 1st - Eljunjay Bagnol of Admin
  • 2nd - Julanie Escalante of Geology
  • 3rd - Reymond C. Pagente of ComRel

Photography Contest:

  • 1st - Daryl Anahaw & Iren Mae Ercillo of Safety
  • 2nd - Reymond Pagente of ComRel
  • 3rd - Eljunjay Bagnol of Admin

Fire Extinguishment:

  • 1st - Jason Arries Gado of Nickelbase Inc.
  • 2nd - Allan Montejo of Earth Savers Team
  • 3rd - Florante Paqueo of TSD

Quiz Bowl:

  • 1st - Sheina Rose Daano, Eljunjay Bagnol, Angelo Bajan of Admin & HR
  • 2nd - Zandy Mollida, Junrel Casido, Reallyn Balbotin of TSD
  • 3rd - Kyrrvandju Consigna, Aris Moreno, Eduardo Dagasdas of Shipment.

Slogan Making Contest:

  • 1st - Daryl Anahaw of Safety
  • 2nd - Eljunjay Bagnol of Admin
  • 3rd - Isabel Torsino of Accounting, Genan Alvarez of Safety, Jayvee Rusville Ocura of Grade Control.

Best Implementer of Housekeeping: Community Relations Department

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