Bountiful harvest at Cagdianao Mining’s agro-farm

Vegetables are being harvested from the agro farm managed by Cagdianao Mining Corporation's (CMC) Community Relations department under its Development of Mining Technology and Geosciences.

This aims to showcase the agricultural potentials of mined out areas, aided by proper soil amelioration and other modern farming technologies.

To-date, a total of 104.7 kilos of cucumber, 69.1 kilos of ampalaya, 78.27 kilos of okra, 11.3 kilos of lettuce and 105.12 kilos of eggplant have been harvested from the farm. Income generated from the farm were benefited by the People's Organization and so with the CMC employees.

CMC assists Farmers Associations in the community to equip them with skills, knowledge, and necessary tools to effectively manage and benefit from the land even beyond the mine life.

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