DMC Innovates with Hydroponics Project

The Dinapigue Mining Corporation (DMC), through the efforts of its Environmental Department breaks ground with its new hydroponics project which aims to improve the company’s crop yields in its Agro-Farm.

The soil in mineralized areas such as those found in mining tenements is often not suited for growing crops and fruit-bearing trees which is why it often has to be ameliorated before it becomes suitable for planting.

Through DMC’s hydroponics project, the company is able to plant crops such as cabbages, lettuce, and even different varieties of herbs.

Hydroponics at its core, is a method of planting that eliminates the need for soil by substituting it with a nutrient-rich solution in an aqueous solution. The plants are placed on a supporting structure with a water circulation system which sustains the plants.

The benefits of hydroponics compared to traditional soil-based agriculture is that it allows for higher crop yields, allows for vertical grow thus maximizing space, and eliminates the need for soil maintenance and the use of pesticides since most pests reside in soil, and allows people to practice horticulture where poor soil conditions would normally not allow.

The company’s hydroponics is the brainchild of DMC’s Indigenous Peoples (IP) scholar Donalyn Galope, who graduated with a degree in BS Agriculture from Isabela State University – Echague Campus.

“I saw the opportunity to give back to the company that made my education possible by applying the innovations that I’ve learned from school in DMC’s agricultural practices,” said Galope.

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