Fun dive at CMC

A sunny sky and a tranquil blue sea.

This scenery greeted guests of Cagdianao Mining Corporation (CMC)—Dexie Baay and Shaira Joy Caballero, all the way from the headquarters of Nickel Asia Corporation (NAC) in Taguig City, when they visited the mine site in Brgy. Valencia.

With this, Dexie and Shair excitedly plunged for a fun dive at the clear waters of Brgy. Valencia in Cagdianao on June 10 as part of Discovery SCUBA diving program of MEPE Office under CMC’s Annual Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program (AEPEP).

“I really enjoyed the clear and clean waters of Brgy. Valencia and I’m very thankful to CMC for this opportunity to experience diving in this coastal village,” said Dexie.

For her part, Shair expressed her gratitude to CMC for the opportunity to witness how the mining company helps the community in preserving the environment.

“Although there is a mining operation nearby, it did not cause any harm to the sea as it remains protected and preserved,” said Shair.

The Discovery SCUBA diving program allows the divers to experience the wonders of the ocean and move freely underwater and feel free to be part of marine life.

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