Helping CES Achieve Quality Education

I called it “poorest” because of the lack of teachers. In fact, it utilized a combination or multi-grade setup triggered by the lack of rooms and facilities. Even establishing communication with the district office was very hard.

Later on, as mining companies operated, the school gradually changed because they actively help the community gain access to quality education as well as quality teaching.

They provide the priority needs of the school, teachers and pupils such as: rooms, support for trainings, facilities to make the learning process more conducive and complete with multimedia facilities like television, computers, laptop, projector and lapel.

The vision of the mining companies is to make the mining recipient school competitive that is why Taganito Mining Corporation (TMC) provided Cagdianao Elementary School with 25 brand new computer sets, one air-conditioned unit, three printers and vertical window blinds in order to keep up with trends in this 21st century.

We teachers must adapt to modern techniques in teaching by using modern technologies such as computers. It is also a great help for us and most especially to the pupils. They become attentive and excited in dealing with our topics and discussions because of this technology.

These computers were invented to give people less work and awareness in our surrounding through applications. It also plays an important role in the teaching and learning process. It provides pictures, vivid demonstration of topics in the class especially in Science, Araling Panlipunan and other related subjects.

The Cagdianao Elementary School teaching staff is very thankful to Taganito Mining Corporation (TMC) for providing these computer sets because they really make work easy and fast and our pupils learn more.

Blessed to avail this opportunity, we promise to maintain, take good care and guarantee you that the next batches of pupils can use it.


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