HMC distributes food packs to host communities amid ECQ

Amid the implementation of Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) due to CoVID-19, Hinatuan Mining Corp. (HMC) has distributed food packs amounting to over P 1.6 million to the residents of its host communities in Barangay Talavera, Tagana-an in Surigao del Norte.

The food packs that were distributed to residents of Barangay Talavera, Sitio Bagong Silang and Sitio Campandan contained 15 kilos of rice, five cans of sardines, five cans of corned beef, five cans of beef loaf, five packs of noodles, five packs of pancit canton, 700 grams of milk, one kilo of sugar, two soap bars and five stubs of vitamins.

HMC personnel distributed the food packs to its host communities with assistance from Social Development and Management Program (SDMP) teachers and college scholars last May 14 and 15.

These were additional food packs given by HMC to its host communities, with the initial food packs distributed last March 31, with the assistance from Barangay and Sitio officials along with the Barangay Health Workers (BHWs) of their respective areas.

“The food packs distributed per household to the host communities of HMC is a big help especially to families whose means of earning was affected by the confinement measures of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) implementation due to CoVID-19,” said Sitio Campandan Chairman Jelion Gealogo.

“Personally, I am not much affected by the confinement measures since I have a fish cage. I continue to earn a living. However, not all of us here in Sitio Campandan has a fish cage. The food packs given by HMC to our community is indeed a big assistance to most families living here in Sitio Campandan,”added Gealogo.

For Sitio Campandan resident Anecita Donaire, the food packs provided by HMC was much welcomed by her family.

“I and my family are grateful to HMC for the rice, canned goods, noodles, milk and vitamins they provided. This is a very big help to my family since it is difficult to earn money during the ECQ. I am also thankful for the bangus, seedlings and fertilizers the company has given to us Sitio Campandan residents. Thank you HMC,” she said.

Barangay Talavera resident Imelda Kosca was also thankful not only for the additional food packs her family received from HMC but also to the other assistance she has received from the company.

“I am very thankful for the support given by HMC to our community, we received rice from them last March and they also provided us with additional food packs last May,” she said.

“The food packs they provided is a big benefit to us since until now we still do not need to buy rice. Although being a small family is a factor that we were able to save money since the rice was already provided. Once again, I would like to express my gratitude to NAC-HMC for the assistance they provided for us residents of Barangay Talavera since the start of this pandemic”, she also added.

Siito Bagong Silang resident Lester Plaza also expressed his gratitude for the assistance provided by HMC during the pandemic.

“I am thankful and blessed of the support given by HMC to our community. We are thankful to the company and to the management and staff for the additional food packs. Thank you HMC for the unconditional support and thank you for being a responsible mining company,”said Lester Plaza.

Shaina Gemparo, a resident of Sitio Bagong Silang, also shared the same sentiment, saying that, “I have always been thankful to HMC for their unparalleled kindness, unfading support and being responsible at all times. My gratitude to HMC management and staff for the blessings you have given us. I am proud to say that we have a responsible mining company in our community that is always ready to help.”

Aside from providing food packs to the residents of its host communities, HMC also provided host community front liners with thermal scanners, alcohols, face masks, face shields and gloves which would help them in detecting individuals who may display symptoms of fever and assist them in their efforts to help keep their community CoVID-19 free.

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