HMC enhances support to Talavera’s Women

Hinatuan Mining Corp. (HMC) has provided additional support to Talavera United Women's Association (TUWA) by providing delivery service motorcycle and pump boat.

TUWA, is one of the People's organizations (POs) supported by the Social Development and Management Program of HMC and owns and manages Island’s Pure Water Refilling Station in Barangay Talavera.

The vehicles that were turned-over by HMC to their organization will be used to transport and distribute TUWA’s products to its customers in Brgy. Talavera and in nearby island communities.

“The support provided by HMC to TUWA is part of the company’s commitment to assist its communities in their aspiration for a sustained growth by providing investments to support livelihood programs,” said HMC Community Organizer Allan O. Bandoy Jr.

He also added that the provision of delivery vehicles is a way of providing assistance to TUWA to help them expand their target market.

“With the addition of the delivery service motorcycle, TUWA can deliver their products to customers far from their business location. The pump boat can also be utilized to cater to clients from neighboring island communities,” he added.

Grateful for the Support

TUWA officers and members expressed their gratitude for the support provided by HMC to their Water Refilling Business.

“The delivery service motorcycle and pump boat are a welcome addition to our business. These delivery vehicles are very helpful not only to us but also to our clients as well,” said TUWA Vice President Wendelina N. Arbis.

“With the addition of a delivery service motorcycle, we can supply to more customers here in our island barangay. We can deliver five gallons of water to clients far from our water refilling station. We can also serve clients outside of our barangay, specially those in our neighboring islands, with the help of the pump boat,” she further added.

TUWA Secretary Gelba C. Escultura was also thankful for the support.

“We are very grateful to HMC for their support. With the aid of the delivery service vehicles, we can accommodate more customers and our delivery boy will have an easier task,” said Escultura.

Less Hassle for Customers

Arbis said most of their customers are housewives since they are the ones left to tend their homes when their husbands go to work.

“Before receiving the delivery service motorcycle from NAC-HMC, they would hire someone to get their orders from our water refilling station to their homes. Nowadays, all they need to do is to text, chat or give us a call when they need water. Placing an order and getting water from us is much easier and less hassle for our clients,” she said.

According to her, “our customers can get water from our water refilling station without the need to go outside their homes. For those residing in Barangay Talavera, all they need to do is to ready an empty 5-gallon container in their homes and our delivery boy will get it and send it to our water refilling station to be filled, and will be delivered back to them.”

“For customers in other islands, they need to inform us of the number of 5-gallon containers they need filled. For example, if they need 5 5-gallon containers filled, we will deliver 5 5-gallon containers already filled and we will take 5 5-gallon empty containers,” added Arbis.

Additional Income

The addition of the delivery service motorcycle and pump boat has enabled TUWA members to cater to more customers.

“It also helped us gain new patrons. It also helped our business gain an additional income since we can charge an additional 5 pesos per delivery,” said Arbis.

For her part, Escultura said, “some clients who previously get their water from Surigao City have transferred to us. Our prices are cheaper compared to the price of water delivered from Surigao City. With the help of the delivery service motorcycle and pump boat, we are able to accommodate and satisfy the needs of these additional customers.”

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