Hinatuan Mining Corp. (HMC) turned-over 1 unit AR-10 complete system and capital assistance to United Fisherfolks Association of Bagong Silang (UFAOBS).

Hinatuan Mining Corp. (HMC) turned-over 1 unit AR-10 complete system and capital assistance to United Fisherfolks Association of Bagong Silang (UFAOBS).

The fund used by HMC, a subsidiary of Nickel Asia Corp. (NAC), for the 1 unit AR-10 complete system, a circular fish cage, came from its Social Development and Management Program (SDMP) budget in support to various livelihood programs.

The project was initiated as an additional support to the existing Bangus Production project of UFAOBS, which was also provided by HMC in 2019.

Engr. Edwin R. Casiano, Mine Operations Manager, represented Engr. Francisco J. Arañes, Jr., HMC Resident Mine Manager, during the blessing and turn-over ceremony. Fr. Junrie Consigna, IFI Parish Priest led the blessing ceremony.

Also present during the turn-over ceremony were HMC ComRel Manager Jay-r Resuera, Host and Neighboring Communities (RHNC) Chairperson Eulita M. Borja, and UFAOBS President Lilibeth G. Becera.

“In behalf of our Resident Mine Manager Engr. Francisco J. Arañes, Jr., and ComRel Manager Antonio B. Resuera Jr., we would like to congratulate you for the successful completion of this project. It is another glorious moment for HMC, RHNC, residents of Sitio Bagong Silang, UFAOBS officers and members for another successful project. We hope that this livelihood project will really help the community,” said Casiano.

Casiano advised the community to take care of the project as this would provide them income even after the mine life of HMC.

“After the end of the mine life of HMC, this project will be your source of income. the challenge is that you need to properly take care of it. Even if there is no forever, through the leadership of Ms. Becera you can take care of this project for a long time,” he added.

Borja, RHNC chairperson, echoed Casiano’s appeal to the residents saying they should work hand in hand with HMC in taking care of the circular fish cage.

“Nothing lasts forever, but for me, as long as HMC still operates, you must continue to work together for the success of this project. This project is from HMC, you need to take care of it since this project is for you. You are the primary beneficiary of this project. I am thankful that your group did your part in caring for the project, you valued the project given to you,” she added.

She also commended UFAOBS officers and members and reminded them to help with the success of the project.

“The officers and members of UFAOBS are passionate and showed concern towards the project. You should work together and show us how you value the project given by HMC. Take care of the project and it will sustain you even after the mine operation of HMC ceases,” said Borja.

Antonio B. Resuera, Jr., HMC ComRel Manager, also reminded UFAOBS officers and members to take ownership of the project and work hand in hand for its success.

“HMC chose your PO as the recipient of additional livelihood support since HMC management and RHNC have seen how you managed your earlier project. You had a sense of ownership towards the project provided to you by HMC, you helped each other to make it successful. Your group is very fortunate to receive this support. Show to us that we were not wrong in making this decision,” he said.

Resuera added: “Reciprocate the support given to you by HMC by properly managing this project. We hope that this project will sustain even after the mine life of HMC. Take care of this project and it will help not only you today, but it will also help you in the future.”

He also said that challenges are just but normal adding that, “Challenges are part of the project. Remember that if there is a problem, there’s also a solution. Do not be easily discouraged and be patient. Making progress does not happen overnight. Don’t be troubled. Work together, we will also help you along the way. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Us turning-over the project to UFAOBS means you are the ones in charge of the project now, but it does not mean we will leave you. We will continue to provide support and guidance for the success of this project.”

Lilibeth G. Becera, UFAOBS President, expressed her gratitude in behalf of UFAOBS for the support provided by HMC to their People's Organization (PO).

“I am very thankful to HMC for the unwavering support; you did not abandon our organization. HMC was there, every step of the way. Hopefully, we will receive more projects in the future,” Becera said.

She was also thankful to the RHNC for supporting their project and reminded UFAOBS members of their responsibility.

“I am grateful to RHNC for their support and for validating our efforts for the project, and to my fellow UFAOBS members, I hope you will continue to cooperate for the success of this project. As long as HMC is still operating, as long as I am here, as long as the project is here, I will not forsake you. We will help each other since the success of this project will be beneficial to all of us,” she added.

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