HMC scholars get aid during pandemic

Second-year College student Shaina G. Gemparo needed a place to stay in Malimono to finish her studies.

Because of this, Shaina, taking up Bachelor of Science in Fishery at Surigao State College of Technology (SSCT) Malimono Campus, decided to stay in a boarding house.

This was made possible because Shaina, as one of the scholars of Hinatuan Mining Corporation (HMC), has been receiving boarding house allowance from the mining company.

“I am very thankful for the boarding house allowance since we need a place to stay in Malimono,” uttered Shaina adding that “There are many benefits I get as a college scholar from HMC.”

According to her, the monthly allowance she is receiving from HMC is very important for her as a fisheries student studying in Malimono, since they have school projects to spend with.

“Our mode of learning is not entirely remote, from time to time, we are required to meet at school for assignments and projects that require face to face interaction,” she said.

She added, “the support provided by HMC, has lessen the burden shouldered by my parents. They no longer need to spend money on my education.”

Shaina’s mother, Debbie G. Gemparo, a teacher by profession, also thanked HMC for the educational assistance provided to her daughters.

Aside from Shaina, her other daughter Nikki also studies at SSCT Malimono taking up Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED) and is also a scholar of HMC.

“I am grateful to HMC for supporting the tertiary education of two of my daughters. This is a very big help to our family. Our expenses are lessened since we no longer have to spend much for the educational needs of my daughters since they are scholars of HMC. All they need in school such as basic school fees, place to stay, and food are provided for by HMC,” said Debbie.

Another HMC scholar, Angelica P. Laspoña, was also benefited from the financial assistance granted by the mining firm.

Angelica is a first year student taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSED)at SSCT Main Campus in Surigao City.

“As a student during this pandemic, the support provided by HMC is crucial since majority of our classes are conducted on-line,” she said.

The monthly allowance she is receiving from HMC is being spent to buy WIFI and internet load.

“Our classes are mostly on-line, though there are some which require us to meet face to face,” she added.

Like Shaina, Angelica also receives boarding house allowance from HMC.

“I am also thankful for the boarding house allowance of HMC, we do not have to worry where we will stay in Surigao City for classes that we are required to be present physically,” she said.

Jessa R. Gemparo, first year student taking up BEED at SSCT Malimono Campus, also expressed her gratitude for the support provided by HMC to her as a scholar.

“We use the monthly allowance we receive as scholars for internet to participate in online classes. Some of the allowance we also use as expenses when we need to attend classes in school since not all of our classes are conducted online. Our study is a mix of online and module learning,” she said.

She added: “as of now, the lockdown imposed in Malimono restricts our movement as students, but does not hinder us from improving our knowledge through online learning.”

Rynelyn Diaz, a second year student of Bachelor of Arts in English Language at SSCT Main Campus in Surigao City also expressed gratitude for the support she is receiving from HMC.

“I am thankful for the opportunity provided by HMC for having me as their scholar. I do not need to ask for assistance from my family to spend for internet connection since HMC provides me with a monthly allowance. Our classes are fully online, we only go to our campus when there are projects and assignments that cannot be sent online,” she said.

Rodofo Diaz, a fisherman by profession and father of Rynelyn is also grateful to HMC for the scholarship given to her daughter.

“The support given by HMC is a big help not only to my daughter but also to my family, Rynelyn is one of my five children and she is the only one studying in college,” said Rodofo.

Lester Plaza, second year student taking BS Fishery at SSCT Malimono Campus, also expressed appreciation on the support provided by HMC.

“Being a scholar of HMC has a lot of benefits, specially financially which is important in remote learning for internet connection to stay online. The monthly allowance I receive from HMC is not only advantageous to me but also to my family,” said Lester.

He added that they even used the allowance given by HMC to buy some food especially during the lockdown.

“I remember in the past when there was a lockdown imposed in our community as part of the Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ) due to local transmission of CoVID-19, we were able to buy food using the monthly college scholar allowance I saved,” he said.

“I am thankful to HMC for their support, they are always there. They are our guide to help us reach our dreams”, he added.

To date, HMC has a total of 19 college scholars, 16 of them are being funded by the Social Development and Management Program (SDMP) and three are funded by Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program of HMC.

HMC Community Development Coordinator Myline G. Becera said, contributing to a brighter future for its communities is one of the commitments of HMC, a subsidiary of Nickel Asia Corp. (NAC) and one way to uphold this commitment is by providing investments to support education programs.

“The commitment to provide support to education is not hindered by the current pandemic, HMC continues to provide assistance to education programs such as: provision of basic school supplies, basic school fees and matriculation, monthly subsidy to day care workers and teachers and support for college students continue,” she said.

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