As part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR), Hinatuan Mining Corp. (HMC) has spent P11.4 million to improve the healthcare services in the municipality of Tagana-an, Surigao del Norte.

As part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR), Hinatuan Mining Corp. (HMC) has spent P11.4 million to improve the healthcare services in the municipality of Tagana-an, Surigao del Norte.

The money was mainly spent for the construction of a Rural Health Unit (RHU) in the municipality worth P10 million, and was completed in close coordination with the municipal local government unit of Tagana-an.

The rest of the budget was used to purchase medical instruments and equipment.

While projects such as this are mainly funded by the company’s Social Development and Management Program (SDMP), HMC’s utilization of its CSR funds is a proof of its commitment to go beyond what is mandated by law.

HMC, a subsidiary of natural resources development firm Nickel Asia Corp. (NAC), has been consistent with supporting the development of healthcare services in the municipality.

This is a testament not only to its excellent partnership with its stakeholders but also to the commitment of HMC to contribute to the progress of the municipality where it operates.

Infrastructure Development

Tagana-an Mayor Cesar B. Diaz, Jr. expressed gratitude to HMC for the infrastructure development as this greatly help the community.

“I am grateful that our dream was fulfilled. We jokingly labeled the building as a mini hospital,” he said.

Diaz added that it has been their dream to have a medical facility to provide basic health services to Tagana-an residents so that they don’t have to go to Surigao City to seek medical help.

“Our dream was to have a facility that can cater to more basic health services to our residents and to have the capacity to offer ultrasound, x-ray, and other laboratory tests so that Tagana-an residents do not need to go as far as Surigao City to avail themselves of such health services,” said Diaz.

“If they go to Surigao City, there are more patients in need of care; they need to fall in line with several other people to avail themselves of health services. Moreover, they would also have to spend cash to cover their travel expenses” he said.

This problem, according to Diaz, was solved with the improvement of the healthcare services in Tagana-an with the help of HMC.

“Do we have the capacity to do it here in our municipality? After all, we have a supportive partner in HMC. It is then we asked HMC for assistance, HMC spent P10 million from its CSR and as a counterpart, Tagana-an MLGU spent P5 million, and now our new RHU building has become a reality. Thank you HMC for realizing our dream,” he added.

For her part, Maria Teresa Teodora Eviota, Officer-In-Charge of the Tagana-an Municipal Health Office, said the construction of the said building is only a stepping stone for a Primary Health Care Facility in the municipality.

“Having a new building for Tagana-an RHU donated by HMC with the counterpart of the MLGU is our first step in applying for a Primary Health Care Facility that will provide easy access to quality healthcare services to the community of Tagana-an, which is part of the Universal Health Care goal of the Department of Health (DOH),” she said.

Erwin G. Pingal of the DOH Provincial Office Surigao Del Norte said this is his second time to witness a partnership of the private and public organization in realizing of a project – the private being HMC and the public being the MLGU of Tagana-an and the DOH.

“My first time was in Barangay Talavera when I was also present during the blessing and turnover of the birthing clinic by HMC to the Barangay LGU,” he said .

According to Pingal, the support from HMC has increased, from a birthing clinic in Barangay Talavera and now, a Primary Health Care Facility in the Municipality of Tagana-an.

“Support to social and health services can be provided by the mining industry. I hope that this facility will become an infirmary in the near future so that it can cater to more patients. Congratulations to Tagana-an, your dream has been realized,” added Pingal.

Medical Equipment and Supplies

“As a health care provider, the laboratory machines and equipment donated by HMC are a big help to expedite the testing process especially urgent cases, leading to faster diagnosis and immediate intervention,” said Eviota.

HMC has donated an analytical chemistry analyzer, pipette shaker, hemoglobin/hematocrit meter acon, serological pipette, Edta tube mixer TRO-1206D, Biosafety Cabinet Level II Biobase BBS SDC, and a refrigerator with a digital temperature monitor 260L BPR 5V260 - 511,355.00.

Eviota is also thankful for the assistance provided by HMC to their municipality.

“The RHU Tagana-an Team is very grateful to HMC for the unwavering support in the delivery of healthcare services in promoting and prioritizing the well-being of the community,” she said.

Dr. Bruce Bill Buo, Tagana-an RHU visiting doctor, is hopeful that more equipment will be received by the RHU building.

“Hopefully we will receive more equipment. If we have more equipment, we can cater to more patients. This helps eliminate the need for the patients to travel to Surigao City since we will be capable of providing their health needs,” he said.

Mayor Diaz was also grateful to DOH for their support saying: “This new RHU building will not be complete without equipment. We are thankful to the DOH for the assistance in providing P8 million-worth of medical equipment.”

“I also express my gratitude to HMC for the medical equipment they donated. I am hopeful that there will be more in the future. We all have a common goal - to provide quality healthcare services. We will have a partnership with HMC and the DOH to achieve this goal,” he added.

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