HMC turns-over stainless school markers to adopted schools

Hinatuan Mining Corporation (HMC), a subsidiary of Nickel Asia Corp. (NAC), turned over the stainless school markers to Talavera National High School (TNHS) and Talavera Elementary School (TES), two of its seven adopted schools in its host communities, during a simple ceremony.

The ceremonial turn-over was attended by TNHS faculty and parents headed by Renato L. Suacillo, Head Teacher II; Talavera Elementary School faculty and parents led by Judith P. Monadi, Principal I; Talavera Barangay Captain Reden G. Plaza; and Antonio B. Resuera, Jr., HMC ComRel Manager;

Suacillo expressed gratitude to HMC for continuously and untiringly supporting their school’s endeavors.

“Thank you HMC for constantly hearing our voices and concerns. It is with great honor and happiness to accept this project. Rest assured that we at TNHS will take this beautiful gift given to us which serves as a symbol of the good connection and relationship between responsible mining and the education sector,” he said.

He added: “Thank you so much for adopting TNHS. The untiring support and effort of HMC to all our school endeavors have greatly contributed to our school's success.”

Monadi also thanked HMC saying, “My heart is overwhelmed with so much joy seeing all of our stakeholders. With a grateful heart, we at TES, heartily accept this one of a kind donation. We are happy every time we see an employee from HMC since they are our number one partner in terms of educational endeavors, followed by our barangay local government.”

“This project was chosen among all others because we want to put a spark in our hearts. When we pass by this project, we readily notice it and it reminds us that we have partners and we're not alone in this endeavor, we always have the support of HMC. This project represents how strong our partnership is,” she added.

Plaza is thankful not only to the support provided by HMC to the education sector but to his barangay as well saying, “I am thankful for the support provided by HMC to TES and TNHS, I am also grateful to the assistance HMC has provided us during the pandemic and relief efforts after typhoon Odette.”

“I also commend the teachers of elementary and high school for providing quality education. Your efforts are not wasted in helping mold and educate our community's children. I am very much thankful to you. I have two kids who are academic scholars in Surigao universities with your help. Both of them are graduates of both TES and TNHS. Their scholarship saves us money; their tuition is discounted, helping me provide for both of them at the same time. I'm very proud of them. May God bless and help you as you have helped my family. The barangay local government of Talavera is always willing to help,” added Plaza.

Marichin R. Albino, General Parents Teachers Association (GPTA) president of TES, also expressed her gratitude to HMC, the local barangay and the teachers of TNHS and TES.

“I am very much thankful to HMC for their unwavering support to our school and our community. As a parent and officer of the GPTA in TES, thank you very much. Our school is able to reach greater heights with your support. Thank you also to our barangay local government for helping our school and for always being supportive. Thank you also to the teachers for their efforts in teaching the students and helping them become better,” she said.

Sally Helme, GPTA Vice President of TNHS, also shared the same sentiment, “Thank you HMC for all the support you have provided to our school, I hope that you will never waver in your support.”

TNHS and TES are the first schools in the entire District of Tagana-an to have stainless school markers.

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