Meet our Nurse Gen

Anyone who sees nurse Gen at work can guess she is enjoying her job.

She’s never not smiling, and zero effort needed to make her laugh. If you’re feeling even a bit unwell, you would be lucky to have her as your nurse, her vibe alone can make you feel better.

Genevieve Sta. Juana is Nickel Asia’s resident nurse. She is a fixture at NAC’s Medical Missions because she’s become an expert in logistics planning especially when doctors are involved. Understandably for she speaks their language, she knows their needs. She moves efficiently, albeit in the background, to help doctors do their job better in serving the communities.

It's good to know that Nurse Gen was honed from a very young age to be a caring and nurturing person. As medical practitioner, that’s half the job.

The story has it that she had her training when, as a kid, her Midwife aunt would take her to all her rounds and consultations with patients.

So, Gen has witnessed early in life how community service works and how important medical support is, especially in far-flung areas in the province. She thinks that experience was her biggest influence.

She did not work as a nurse right away after acquiring her RN license, letting herself wander into the world of call center agents.

But when fate finally called her in, to the profession she’s pledged her allegiance to, she found herself in one of the most challenging corners of the hospital – as dialysis nurse. And all the memories of her, as a little girl – travelling with her aunt, seeing patients, giving comfort to the sick, making people feel cared for – come rushing in.

And so, her life revolved around that special area in the hospital, until she became a mother.

Theon is 6 years old, and he has our pretty nurse Gen as mom. And he’s the reason Gen had to think things through – her job and how the boy gets the best part of her considering the unmerciful schedule of a dialysis nurse.

Long story short, Gen left the hospital scene and joined us at Nickel Asia Corp (NAC). Their loss our gain.

Does she miss the hospital? Her quick reply – I get the best part of the deal, I spend more time with Theon and get to be a nurse too.

And her greatest revelation – I feel more valued as a nurse at NAC. I get appreciated more in the corporate setting because there’s just a few of us here compared to the hospital and all the employees rely on us. So, I feel I am seen as a nurse and as a person.

And when she was assigned to NAC external projects, such as the medical mission, she feels she’s come full circle. She gets to practice her profession and show off her nurturing skills that she’s learned from a lifetime of lessons.

She is forever grateful to NAC for the opportunity.

Nurse Gen is participating in the first-ever all-NAC dental and medical mission in Manicani with other doctors and nurses of Nickel Asia, her kindred spirits, her safe-space, her community.

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