Nickel Asia Corp. - Hinatuan Mining Corp. (NAC-HMC) Provides Multi-Function Copier Machines to its Adopted Schools

Nickel Asia Corp. - Hinatuan Mining Corp. (NAC-HMC) turned-over 4 units multi-function copier machine & 285 reams us bond paper to its 4 adopted schools in the community: Talavera National High School, Talavera Elementary School, Bagong Silang Elementary School and Hinatuan Integrated School.

The budget used is part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program of NAC-HMC. The donation of the 4 multi-function copier machines along with bond papers is part of the commitment of NAC-HMC to provide support to the education sector in the new normal set-up of learning.

While schools have allotted budget for this new normal set-up of learning, the budget may easily be depleted due to the high number of learning modules that need to be printed since each student needs to have his/her own copy of the module.

Judith P. Monadi, Principal-I of Talavera Elementary School is thankful to NAC-HMC, “the photocopier machine is a great help to us. Thank you NAC-HMC.”

Cherryl Paje Torregosa, School In-charge of Bagong Silang Elementary School also shares the same sentiment and expresses her gratitude to NAC-HMC for the provided to her school. “Thank you Hinatuan Mining Corporation (HMC) for the copier machine and 50 reams of bond paper. Gamit gajud karajaw sa reproduction of modules (This will be very useful in printing of modules). God Bless you Po!”

Aside from the copier machines and bond papers, NAC-HMC also turned-over 13 pcs. fabricated plastic drums for handwashing with faucet to all adopted schools in the host community as additional support to the education sector during these trying times.

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