RTNMC donates science lab equipment to LSVMS

Some P225,000-worth of science laboratory equipment has been donated by the Rio Tuba Nickel Mining Corporation (RTNMC) to the Leonides S. Virata Memorial School (LSVMS) to increase the interest of students in sciences and engineering.

The equipment consist of six octagonal tables and 30 high chairs, which will be utilized by the high school students and science teachers in working laboratory activities and experiments inside their Biology and Laboratory Room.

LSVMS science coordinator Julie Ann J. Rioveros said that the lab equipment donated on July 3 will encourage cooperative learning during classes and will benefit over 650 junior and senior high school students.

“AN octagonal table encourages cooperative learning and saves on floor space by allowing students to work simultaneously either alone or as a group,” she said.

The science laboratory equipment WERE DONATED THROUGH the Social Development and Management Program – Development of Mining Technology and Geosciences (SDMP-DMTG) of the company to also strengthen instruction and experiments in the sciences and engineering.

With the new equipment, LSVMS expects that the laboratory room can have a real positive impact and outcomes on both teachers and students.

Rioveros said that it could enhance student understanding of specific facts and concepts; understand the nature of science; and cultivate an interest in science and interest in learning science.

“This will also promote student’s ability to collaborate effectively with others in carrying out complex tasks, to share the work of the task, to assume different roles at different times and to contribute and respond to ideas (develop teamwork abilities),” she said.

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