TMC's pride: Lantaw Bay Garden

The simple act of engaging with nature and heeding its beats and rhythms is a huge step towards healing the planet.

Two years after a forest fire hit the area, Lantaw Bay was developed by Taganito Mining Corporation (TMC) into a beautiful and scenic garden, an addition to its eco-tourism and rehabilitation area.

At the beginning of the lockdown due to the Covid19 pandemic in 2019, TMC’s Environment Team also started to develop Lantaw Bay Garden turning it into a floral landscape.

The spot is located at Urbiztondo Ridge sprawled over 1.42 hectares of rolling terrain.

Taking inspiration from the charm and vibrancy of Tagaytay Highlands, Lantaw Bay Garden was transformed from a monotonous area into an inspiring and interesting landscape.

As part of its attraction, visitors of Lantaw Bay Garden can view the panoramic sight of the ocean, slope landscaping, reforestation initiatives, shipment operation and agroforestry efforts of the mining firm such as Dragon fruit plantation.

Who would have thought that this is possible in a mining area?

Going above and beyond towards diverse conservation help individuals especially our visitors connect with nature in different ways and settings.

Lantaw Bay Garden is maintained and still being developed by TMC.

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