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TMC renews ISO certifications with flying colors

TAGANITO, Claver, Surigao del Norte—For five consecutive years, Taganito Mining Corporation's environment management system (EMS) has been re-certified for standardization and quality assurance (ISO 14001).

The latest recertification, issued in November 2021, not only covered the EMS, but encompassed Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015), and Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO 45001:2018).

Zero violation

In short, the three multiple systems have been cobbled together into an Integrated Management System covering all aspects of the company's systems, processes, and standards into one smart system.

Not only did TMC pass the TÜV Rheinland audits, it also managed to consistently record zero non-conformities or infractions to the established standards and quality assurance requirements.

The addition of new ISO systems, a compliance initiative beyond government regulations, started two years after TMC was first granted its environment management system certification in 2016.

It reflected the management's long term vision and the desire to improve further, fulfilling its goal of "Setting Standards for Responsible and Sustainable Mining."


In 2015, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) issued Administrative Order (DAO) 2015-07, Mandating Mining Contractors to Secure ISO 14001 Certification, setting the requirement for ISO certification for all mining companies operating in the Philippines.

In compliance with the administrative order, coupled with the commitment to lead in the implementation of environmental protection and enhancement, TMC improved and formalized its environmental management system (EMS) based on ISO 14001: ver. 2004.

On July 18, 2016, TMC secured its ISO certification, with TÜV Rheinland as its certifying body.

Eventually, the company transitioned to ISO 14001 version 2015. It secured its updated certification on April 25, 2018.

Beyond the requirement of compliance, TMC seeks to address the needs and expectations of its interested parties; to improve the overall management of its mining operations as well as the environment; and to implement and maintain the best environmental practices.

Riding on the value gained from its implementation of an internationally accepted management system, TMC also moved towards the standardization of its safety and health programs and activities.

On September 12, 2018, the company obtained certification for the BS OHSAS 18001 version 2007 standard, also with TÜV Rheinland as its certifying body.

The commitment towards securing a certification for ISO 9001 ver. 2015 stemmed from the company’s continued desire to further improve its overall performance in all aspect of its operations and to have an objective and sound basis for its sustainable development objectives.

Thus, the adoption of the IMS that combines environment, safety and health, and quality and risk based thinking became sensible.

Sanitary Landfill

In 2014, Taganito Mining Corporation started the construction of its own Sanitary Landfill to cater solid wastes that are generated by the company only.

The project has a total budget of P2.1 million which includes the installation of HDPE liner on the base of the landfill to contain the liquid produced by the residual wastes.

In 2016, the company acquired the approval of Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) for the operation of sanitary landfill and its facilities such as Materials Recovery Facility, Used Oil Depot, Hazardous Burial Pit, and Vermi Composting.

On August 2018, the sanitary landfill was fully operational and is expected to be decommissioned by the end of 2033.

Coastal Clean-up

The TMC Environmental team strolls across Barangay Taganito Beach area to clear away and collect trash that may potentially induce negative impacts to the marine ecosystem.

The team conducted the clean-up activity with the hope of inspiring others to also contribute and give awareness in being mindful of how we dispose of things.

A total 50kg of residual wastes were collected by this activity.

Enhancing coral population

In keeping with its commitment to conserve and protect its coastal and marine resources, TMC Environment Team went for a dose of "Vitamin Sea" for its program on enhancing the coral population near Malingin Islet in Taganito, Claver, Surigao del Norte.

Coral of Opportunities (COPs) or broken coral fragments were collected and transplanted to areas with little to no corals, and attached to concrete blocks for added substrate stabilization.

From 2018 up to the present, a total of 1,500 coral fragments were successfully transplanted and by the end of 2022 a total of 1,000 coral fragments will be added.

Livestock farming

Livestock raising of TMC under Environmental Department started year 2017 from goat and sheep donated by Richard Gomez and by that they multiply its number from originally five heads to 30 heads of goat.

After they hired their first agriculturist, they added four different types of animals like rabbit, chicken, ducks and pigs that are being cared of at Umahan sa Minahan or Pit 29.

Chicken can be sold as meat and produce brown organic eggs while Ducks or Itik will be for the production of “Balut” and rabbits will be sold as kits by pair to those who love to raise cute rabbits.

The main goal of raising these livestocks is not only to provide livelihood to indigenous people and local farmers but also to showcase how responsible mining works.

The production of these livestock is proof that mining and agriculture can co-exist, and when the mine life ends the indigenous tribes and farmers in the locality will benefit from this fully developed and sustainable project",

TMC, through Mine Environmental Protection and Enhancement Office (MEPEO) joined the Simultaneous Bamboo Planting activity within the MPSA of TMC at Taga 2 block 18.

The bamboo planting activity aims to help mitigate the impacts of flooding, assist in the arrest and minimization of siltation, improve biodiversity and provide alternative source of income for the communities.

This is pursuant to Executive Order (EO) 120 for the Strengthening Rehabilitation and Recovery Efforts in Typhoon- Hit Area through the Creation of Build Back Better Force signed by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte last November 18, 2020.

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