Emerging Power Inc. is a relatively new company whose mission is to engage in power generation exclusively from renewable sources. It provides expertise, resources, and technology to answer the rising demand for clean energy in the country. In a short period of time, it has built up through acquisitions a portfolio of renewable energy service contracts encompassing solar, wind and geothermal, which are at various stages of development.

The company is composed of seasoned specialists in the local energy sector and backed by an international team of industry experts focused on building smart solutions to a variety of energy challenges while reducing carbon footprint. The team includes experts that have been formerly responsible for restructuring the Philippine power industry through policy reforms, private-public partnerships, and advances in engineering.

From utility-scale solar parks to state-of-the-art waste-to-energy plants, Emerging Power provides access to leading global technologies that efficiently gather and convert nature’s power coming from earth, wind, and fire. Leveraging on innovations in the renewable energy sector, along with a keen awareness and understanding of area-specific requirements and conditions, is the value that the company provides. Emerging Power is confident that investing in renewable energy sources is the way of the future. With sustainability as the heart of its business value, it visions to become a significant power producer from a diversified portfolio of renewable power projects that will contribute to the energy needs of the country while protecting the environment.

Philippine Shift To Renewable Energy

  • Demand growth of 6%+ p.a. until 2040, exceeding dependable capacity by 2024:
  • At least 50% of electricity demand to be supplied by RE by 2040, half of which coming from solar, wind and geothermal:
  • Key drivers of electricity consumption:
  • RE development facilitated by favorable government policies and infrastructure:
    • RE Act of 2008
    • "Must (priority) dispatch" for RE resources
    • Feed-in Tariff
    • Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS)
    • Green Energy Auction
    • Green Energy Options
    • Launch of WESM Mindanao