Safety Policy

NAC commits to eliminating all downgrading incidents in our operations by implementing a comprehensive occupational health and safety management system. This commitment is compliant with relevant laws and regulations. It is consistent with our policy of ensuring the well-being and safety of our employees, service contractors, suppliers, visitors, host communities, and other stakeholders, as well as the security of our assets and information.

NAC management will continuously institute discipline and accountability by following and developing the highest standards of safety and health to prevent injuries, illnesses, and damage to properties and equipment. With this undertaking, management will perform regular safety audits to verify the program's effectiveness and introduce relevant improvements.

All NAC employees and business partners are therefore obliged to adhere to this policy and to make safety our way of life. This policy will be communicated to all NAC subsidiaries to ensure the full commitment and cooperation of all employees.

Download file: NAC safety policy